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What is Digital Marketing?

Direct generation of sales or sales leads through various internet mediums like websites, social medias , online chats ,online videos or search engines is called Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing techniques

  1. Website marketing
  2. Search Engine marketing
  3. Chat marketing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Email marketing

How to start your online second earning?

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  1. Register as a Digital Marketing Partner on absolutely FREE.
  2. Download Zinca App from Google Play
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  4. Select from the available Campaigns in your area and add to your channel
  5. Click on your channel link from App dashboard and share the links to your friends,relatives or colleagues using the share tool on your page.
  6. Add your channel link to your social media status , profile or blog.
  7. More Leads Means More Earnings.Share your Zinca channel link with your neighbours,friends & relatives
  8. Check back your leads data on App
  9. Verify the leads data and release to the advertisers for offline sales
  10. Get payments for the matured leads in your Zinca wallet
  11. Transfer your earnings by Paypal/Google Pay to your account
  12. Now earn from the views on your channel and use the amount to buy any product/service on Zuxtra platform
  13. Zinca is a performance based Pay Per Lead program where you promote lucrative genuine deals to your social circle & get paid
  14. Check the digital sales handbook link on this site for learning effective digital marketing techniques


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